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Vomiting! Puking! Throwing up! Barfing! There are many words for being sick, and being sick can be caused by many things.

Why are we sick?

There are lots of reasons why you might be sick – eating too much, eating food that has gone off or that you are allergic to, stomach bugs, feeling worried, feeling too hot and not drinking enough. Sometimes we may feel sick, but not actually be sick. Reading this page right now might be making you feel a bit sick!

What is sick?

Sick stinks of whatever you have eaten!!! Sometimes it can taste of the food that you just ate and it may be the same colour. Sometimes it may have solid lumps of food in it. At other times it may be sloppy. This will depend on how long the food has been in your stomach. If you want to find out more about digestion see our page on poo.

Activity Character
Activity Zakk Can you design and build an amusement ride that that might make people feel sick? Remember the faster, the higher and the more twists the better!!

What happens when we are sick?

Whatever is in your stomach is forced back the way it came, up the oesophagus and into our mouths… yuk!! If you try to stop yourself from being sick by closing your mouth, the sick will just come out of your nose… double yuk!!

Scary rides on amusement parks sometimes make people sick. When this happens the sick will fly around and cover anyone else nearby. That means you, your friends and anyone else watching. Sounds like fun, not!

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Did You Know?
Nurse holding image The longest recorded projectile vomiting is 27 feet. Like an unstoppable volcano erupting, the contents of the stomach come back up the way they went down!

What can we do to feel better?

The first thing you need to do is tell the person who cares for you. If you are sick at school tell a teacher.

You could also try;

  • Resting – try lying down maybe to watch your favourite TV programme or if you feel really poorly go to bed and sleep.
  • Try regular small sips of water to prevent yourself becoming dehydrated.
  • If something is worrying you try talking to someone such as your parent/carer, teacher or the public health nurse.

Please remember to wash your hands after each time you are sick, this is to stop the germs spreading to other people in your family, or your friends.

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Which of these is a word for being sick?
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If you are really poorly and have been sick for more than a day (24 hours) then you may need to see a doctor.
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