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The Lancaster Model

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‘Exciting times in School Nursing and for the children of Coventry’
The Lancaster Model

Coventry School Nurses are embracing an exciting new way of working that has proven to enhance the health and wellbeing of the children and young people in other parts of the country. It is an electronic health needs questionnaire called The Lancaster Model (TLM), developed by a school nurse and based on the current Department of Health documentations, which is filled in at key points of transition in the child’s life.

Parents will complete the school entry questionnaire and children in year 6 and 9 will complete theirs in school with support if required.
Through the collection of  this data, the school nurse team will be able to identify unmet health needs and develop  health promotion programmes that the children and young people feel they need rather than those identified by the school nurse service and teachers . 

Those completing the questionnaires are also able to ‘click’ on subject areas to request further health information that is relevant to them and age appropriate.

The School Nursing Team will provide individual schools with an annual report to show what public health issues have been highlighted as a direct result of those questionnaires that have been completed. This will enable targeted work to be put in place by schools and other agencies to address identified unmet health needs and improve outcomes for children and young people in schools across the city.

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