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School Readiness

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If your child is due to start school this September we recognise that this can feel very overwhelming for some families. The 0-19 service would like to support you to help prepare your child be read for school.

What will the 0-19 Service offer your child in School?

During your child’s first year at school the 0-19 service delivers parts of the Healthy Child Programme in schools: this includes growth measurements as part of the National Child Measurement Programme and Vision screening. Your child will also be offered their nasal flu vaccine from the dedicated Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Immunisation team.

Some Top tips for school readiness

  • Healthy lifestyles– Allowing your child the opportunity to try a variety of healthy foods, sit at a table for meals and encouraging your child to use a knife, fork and spoon. This will give your child the confidence to face new experiences during a school lunchtime period.
  • Sleep– This is a good time to review bedtime and sleep routines so that your child arrives at school with lots of energy and is more able to concentrate and enjoy the day.
  • Toileting– Your child will be more confident in using the toilet at school if they have had the opportunity to practise at home. They will need to be able to pull their underwear up and down and to attempt to wipe their bottom
  • Dressing skills– Let your child practise putting their coat and shoes on and off. Encourage them to attempt to dress in preparation for playtime and PE at school. By 4 years old your child should be able to take their clothes on and off independently but may not be able to manage fastenings (e.g. zips or buttons) for another year or two: to make this easier consider getting elasticated waistbands and Velcro fastening shoes.

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