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Tips for fussy eaters

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  • Author: callumkimberley

Top tips for fussy eating.

It is normal for children to refuse to eat or taste new food.  Below are some top tips to encourage fussy eaters!

Children learn by copying – eat with your child as often as you can and give them the same food as the rest of the family
Limit the number of snacks so that your child is hungry at meal time
If your child refuses food, don’t force them to eat it. Reintroduce the food at another time as your child’s taste changes over time
Give small portions and be patient as your child may be a slow eater
Involve your child in preparing meals – a child is more likely to try food if they were involved in the preparation
Make mealtimes fun – don’t limit conversation to talking about food
Have regular mealtimes – don’t leave it until your child is too tired to eat
Invite an adult your child likes for meals as a child is more likely to eat for someone else
Hide vegetables in sauces
Leave the fruit bowl out for your child to help themselves
Don’t forget to praise your child for eating!

Also remember is important to be patient as it may take many attempts before your child accepts some foods.

For further advice and support contact the school nursing service or pop in and speak to your school nurse at the school drop in.