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Pharmacy: what’s the deal?

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It's estimated 50 million visits to the GP are made each year for minor ailments like coughs and colds, mild eczema and athlete's foot.

By visiting your pharmacy instead, you could save yourself time and trouble. Instead of booking and waiting for a GP appointment, you can visit your local pharmacy any time – just walk in.

All pharmacists are trained to recognise many common health complaints. They can give advice or, where appropriate, medicines that will help clear up the problem.

If your problem is more serious and needs the attention of a GP, your pharmacist will recognise this and advise you to see your GP instead.

If you have a common health problem, a trip to your local pharmacy is an option.

Your pharmacist will be able to help with:
• skin conditions, such as mild acne and mild eczema
• coughs and colds, including nasal congestion and sore throat
• minor cuts and bruises
• constipation and haemorrhoids (piles)
• hay fever and allergies
• aches and pains, such as headaches, earache and back pain
• indigestion, diarrhoea and threadworms
• period pain and thrush
• warts and verruca’s, mouth ulcers and cold sores
• athlete’s foot

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