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For our emotions to be healthy, we also need to look after ourselves.

We know that to have a healthy body it is important to look after ourselves. This mean doing active things, eating healthy food and keeping clean.

Being our own best friend

We often spend a lot of time with friends. We encourage and support our friends and care about them. A person who will always be with us is ourselves, so we might as well be our own best friend! We do this by deciding to ‘like’ the way we are. For example:

  • Appreciate your hair and skin colour.
  • Be content with how tall or short you are.
  • Notice the things you like about yourself – your good sense of humour or the way you are loyal to your friends.
  • Remember you are talented! Everyone is different and that is what makes us all special. What are you especially good at? Are you kind? Creative? Good at sport? Whatever it is, this is your talent! Celebrate it!
  • Challenge any negative thoughts you might have about yourself, like you would challenge bad things being said about your friends.

Making friends

For most people having friends is really important, but you cannot make people be your friend. One idea is to be a good friend to others. Ask them what they are interested in, and about the games they like to play.

If you are friendly to them but they just return nastiness, this is clearly not your fault – it must be something to do with them. Hopefully other people will be more friendly. Friendship grows over time – trust that this can happen.

You may also want to ring Childline on 0800 1111 if you feel that you have no one you can trust to speak to.

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Be proud of what you achieve, and learn from mistakes you might make – we all make mistakes!
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