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Firework & Bonfire Safety Information

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  • Author: alkas

Though fireworks & bonfires can be exciting & enjoyable, when the safety measures involving using them are not followed, there can be serious & at times life threatening accidents. Sadly lots of these accidents involve children.

At this time of the year we tend to see & hear more fireworks in the evenings. It is becoming quite popular to set off fireworks during Halloween parties, as well as on more expected occasions this season, such as; Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve & Chinese New Year.   

Take a look at our downloadable firework & bonfire safety information poster; we have provided some links for you to look at for information, including a link to a YouTube video about firework safety, from the British Firework Association, especially for children. We have also outlined some of the key points to remember, to help you enjoy fireworks & bonfires safely this season.

We have also created a second downloadable poster, which explains what to do if your clothing catches fire & what to do if you get burnt. 

Please share these posters with your children & spend some time explaining & discussing the safety information from them, so that they are aware of how to be safe & what they can do help themselves &/or others whilst enjoying bonfires & fireworks.