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Looking after Ourselves

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Most people have heard the 5 a day message (recommended portions of fruit and vegetables a day) but have you heard about the 10 a day for emotional health and wellbeing and mental health?

Our physical health and our mental health are interconnected and both are important for us to feel well and lead a healthy and active life.


There are lots of things we can do every day to help improve our mental health:


We don’t have to feel happy all the time. It’s normal to feel sad, worried, stressed, anxious, or just not quite ourselves at times.  However,  if you start to feel this way more often, it starts affecting your daily life and your school work, it all starts to feel too much, or you start to think about hurting yourself, then it’s time to get help. Many people feel this way at some time in their lives so you are not alone. There’s a lot of advice and support services for you to choose from and we’ve added lots of these to this website to help you find them.


Finding further support, advice and information:

Head to our Find a Service page where you can find information and contact details for a wide variety of local support services available to you.

You can find local support services linked to:

  • Family services
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Getting help
  • Staying healthy


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