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Your School Nursing Service

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You can access the School Nursing Service for information, support and advice if you live in Devon or if your child attends a Devon school.


Your School Nurse team works within schools and the wider community to:

  • Provide health advice to help children and young people make the best of their education
  • Provide advice and support to parent/carers and schools
  • Support young people to look after their own health
  • Direct children and their families to the right services
  • Undertake review of growth as part of National Child Measurement programme (Reception and Year 6)
  • Identify health needs and trends at a community level to inform current and future services and allocation of resources


We can help you and your child with lots of things including:                             

  • Healthy lifestyle choices – including healthy eating and physical activity
  • Worries about your child’s physical and/or mental health
  • Body shape or size
  • Stress at school or at home
  • Management of a health condition
  • Keeping safe
  • Friendships and bullying
  • Sleep
  • Bladder and bowel issues (toileting advice)


What we offer:

We offer confidential one to one appointments. This may be face-to-face (at school, in a community venue or at home), via video conference using Microsoft teams, or via phone.


How to contact us:

Phone/email: You can also contact us via phone or email via one of our PHN hubs:


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Eastern public health nursing hub

03332 341903

Exeter public health nursing hub

03332 341902

Northern public health nursing hub

03332 341904

Southern public health nursing hub

03332 341901

If you are not sure which team you link to you can find out by using our Find Your School Nurse Service.


Request support directly via Request for support – Education and Families (



You can contact us directly or ask someone else to make contact with us on your behalf such as a teacher at school, or another professional you are working with.


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