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We know that to have a healthy body, it's important to keep active and eat healthy food, but how do we make sure we have a healthy mind?

Being your own best friend

We look after and care about our friend’s feelings, and we should do the same for ourselves:

  • Make an effort to find something positive about the way you look – notice the things you like about yourself
  • Notice your good qualities, these could be anything but could include your sense of humour or the way you are loyal to your friends
  • We are all talented in different ways. What are you especially good at? Perhaps you’re kind, creative, good at sport, a great cook. Whatever it is, be proud
  • Try not to focus on things you worry about or don’t like, distracting yourself with something you enjoy can help
  • Speak with someone you trust if you are feeling upset
Brain Borg
Did You Know?
Brain borg You could write down 10 things that you can do well, put them in a tub and pick one out when you're feeling down!


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Be proud of who you are and be your own best friend.
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