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Sometimes school lessons can be hard, we might forget things that the teacher has said or find it difficult to follow their instructions.

Here are some top tips for school success.

Look at your teacher when they are talking

It’s easier to understand people when we can see them. If you’re facing a friend, speaking to someone else or looking out of the window, it will be nearly impossible to remember what the teacher has just said!

Say the information again in your head

If a teacher has just said something that doesn’t make sense, try to repeat it to yourself in your head. This might make it easier to understand. Don’t worry if it doesn’t though, as you can always..

Ask the teacher to say something again

Sometimes it can be very helpful to hear things more than once, especially if you didn’t hear it the first time!

You can also ask your teacher to write things down for you

They might be able to write things on the board or in your book for you to look at if you get stuck. Keep an eye out for pictures too, they might help to paint a picture of what you are learning.

Talk to your parent/carer if you are struggling to understand things in class.

They can help you to talk to your teachers.

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Where should you look when the teacher is talking?
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Repeating something is a great way to remember it, try repeating something in your head and writing it down.
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