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School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS)

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Immunisation programme for School Aged children and young People.

Getting your child vaccinated is free and protects your child and family from potentially serious problems.
This year the flu vaccination programme has been extended to include all secondary school children (Years 7-11).
We want to encourage everyone to complete the online consent form even if you want to decline the vaccine. For more details about the local School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS) and online consent forms visit

Flu vaccination 2 years to 16 years

The flu vaccination is a quick and simple nose spray that works the same as a flu jab.
Giving your child the flu spray will stop the spread.
Older people and those with illnesses are most at risk if they catch flu from children.
Flu changes all the time, so even if your child had it last year it is vital they have it again this year.
For more information visit
Your school should send you details of how you can consent.
You will need to ensure you select the correct consent form for your child’s needs.
Remember to press Confirm School after you have entered your email address and the school code into the consent form (this will show the name of the school so you can check it is correct).
A full list of school codes can be found on the immunisation website.
Other vaccinations are also given for school aged children.