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Using this site

Helping your children get the most out of this site.

Health for Kids is a fun and exciting website to help children to think about how they can stay healthy and look after their health. Health experts at Leicestershire Partnership trust have written the content in a way they hope children will find interesting! The website also features three very different but entertaining games to making learning about health even more fun.

Four themed worlds

Key health topics are presented through four themed worlds. Each ‘world’ presents health advice through fun facts, quizzes, games or film.

There are a number of ways you can find out the information you need.

  • Spin the wheel on the homepage and go to pages that interest you from this
  • Go to each world and work through the topics
  • Click on the navigation bar at the top of the homepage to see what topics are covered in each world
  • Each page has further activities to help you learn more

Friendly characters to help you along the way




Zakk gives ideas for extra activities you can do with your parent/carer



The Factbot gives you interesting facts about different health subjects 

Maggie the school nurse

Maggie the School Nurse has useful tips to help you with your health 


Tara tests you with a fun quiz on some pages to keep you on your toes!

The Games

Knight Nurse –  play this in the Fantasy world. It is your chance to be a school knight nurse and treat the health problems of our mythical patients! Poop Shooter –  find this in Sci-Fi world. You must stop the alien from becoming constipated by clearing up space food in its belly, collecting as many poo points as you can before the poop-o-meter runs out! Lanterns in the Wind –play this game in the Water world. This therapeutic game gives you the chance to write down how you are feeling in an artist way. It is always good to share your feelings with others!

The films

Zumba – join in with this Zumba dance film for a fun way to stay fit. Nasal Flu vaccine – this short film shows you what to expect if you are going to receive this nasal spray vaccination at school. There’s also an interactive map to show you how to contact the school nurses for your area!

For the grownups

Why not work through the website with your child? There are plenty of fun ways that you can learn together throughout the site. Look out for the useful activities to do with grown-ups at the bottom of each page.

Further information and advice for grownups is available in this section (Grownups section).

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