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Internet safety

Simple ways for your child to have fun and stay safe online.

The internet plays a big role in our lives and is increasingly becoming a vital tool that children can use to support their learning. As an interactive website, Health for Kids recognises that access to the internet is a fun way for children to be able to learn about their health and wellbeing. It will continue to become an increasingly important tool throughout their lives for education and social interaction. However, using the internet also involves risks and challenges, especially for children. There is lots of great information available to help protect children from potential harm over the internet.

We have an advice page for children that are worried about internet bullying, which you could read with them.

Check out the ‘ThinkUKnow’ website. This is a government based site advising children, parents and carers on how to stay safe on the internet.

You can visit the CEOP website to take you to more resources.

You could also try the NSPCC website, which includes some great information for parents on keeping children safe on line.