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How to help your children become more active

Outside playing
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  • Author: oliverkyle

There are some quick and easy things that you can do to help your children become more active every single day:

  • Try walking or cycling to school. If you live too far away, why not park a bit further away and then walk the last part of the journey?
  • On the way back from school, stop off at the park so children can run around and play with their friends. Skateboarding is another good way for children to exercise alongside their friends.
  • After school sports clubs are also a good way of encouraging your child to increase their physical activity levels whilst also having fun and meeting new friends. Their clubs are often on offer during school holidays too.
  • Many children are more active on school days, so try to build physical activity into your weekend plans too. For example you could enjoy a bike ride as a family, dance around the kitchen to some of your favourite music or go swimming.