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Drinking alcohol can make you feel dizzy and sick. If you drink too much it can make you feel poorly and give you a headache the next day.

Alcohol is part of a drink that you can become addicted to. Some types of alcohol are beer, wine and spirits like vodka.

It is advisable not to drink alcohol if you are under the age of 18.

What does alcohol do?

Alcohol changes the way that your brain works within just five to ten minutes, which means that after drinking you may do silly things. Some of these things may be dangerous, as alcohol can stop you thinking about what might happen. This can make it very dangerous to do things like driving, which is why it is against the law to drink and drive.

In smaller amounts though, alcohol can be enjoyed by grown-ups.

Is alcohol bad for your body?

People who drink alcohol a lot for a long time often damage important parts of their body like their brains, heart and liver.

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Did You Know?
Brain borg The amount of alcohol in a drink is measured in units.

How drinking affects children

Alcohol is only for adults aged 18 and above. Children and young people are more affected by alcohol than adults as they tend to be smaller and not used to drinking it. Children and young people can also be affected by others’ drinking.

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If you are worried about someone else’s drinking, it is important that you talk to an adult that you trust so that they can help you.
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