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Puberty is the time when your body changes from a child's to an adult's. Puberty happens to girls and boys between the ages of eight to 16 years and is nothing to worry about.

What is it?

Our brains release hormones that tell the body it is time to start changing. This happens over a few years, not overnight, so you may not even notice the changes happening!


Some changes are the same for boys and girls:

  • Growing taller.
  • Hair in ‘funny places’ – under your arms and between your legs
  • Sweating more. Yes, that means a wash, shower or bath every day!
  • Greasier skin. You might even get a few spots – do not squeeze these as it makes them worse. Just remember to have a wash every day.
  • Greasier hair. You may start to notice that you will need to wash your hair more often.
  • Mixed up feelings and mood changes‚Ķ happy, sad, grumpy, tearful, angry, fed up, confused, excited. These are all normal feelings – it is just your ‘puberty brain’ getting used to a brand new you!
  • Feeling differently towards others. You might start to ‘fancy’ people.
Brain Borg
Did You Know?
Brain borg During puberty, your body will grow faster than at any other time in your life (except when you were a baby!).

Some changes only happen to girls and some only to boys.

Changes for Girls

  • Body becomes curvier and hips widen
  • Breasts start to grow
  • Periods (menstruation) start

 Changes for Boys

  • Shoulders get wider
  • Muscles get bigger and stronger
  • Hair starts to grow on your face and chest
  • Your voice will start to change. It may sound squeaky some days and on other days quite deep
  • Penis gets larger
  • Testicles get larger and start to produce sperm

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Talk to your parent/carer, school nurse or teacher.

Riddle me this!

Which of the following only happens to girls during puberty?
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Quiz girl
Quiz girl
Everyone is different so do not worry if your friends have started to change and you have not.
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