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Keeping the pressure off

Pressure ulcers are sore patches that occur on your body.  

Pressure ulcers are a sore patch of skin that can change colour, feel hot, spongy or hard. This sore patch may be painful.  

Why do people get pressure ulcers?

When we push on something, this creates pressure.  If you sit or lie in one position for a long time, this can put pressure on one part of your body, which can get sore. 

If you put too much pressure on a part of your body/skin for a long time, it may get sore and you may get a pressure ulcer. You can get pressure ulcers quickly or they can take a long time to show.  

Who can get pressure ulcers?

Anyone can develop a pressure ulcer but some people are more likely to develop one than others. You are at higher risk of developing a pressure ulcer if:  

  • You struggle to move (this can be because you’ve been poorly or struggle moving all the time) 
  • You struggle going to the toilet 
  • You have a bad diet  
  • You are overweight 
  • You have very dry, fragile, thin or previously damaged skin  
  • You have a long term health condition  
  • You’ve recently had a big operation
  • You take medication which makes your skin thinner 
  • You wear shoes that don’t fit well  

Click here to read our ‘Keep the pressure off’ poster and learn more about pressure ulcers.

What should I do if I think I have a pressure ulcer?

If you think you have a pressure ulcer, you should tell an adult you trust.  

If you think you have a pressure ulcer, you should tell an adult you trust.  
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