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Being active is great fun, and very good for your health!

Who has time to watch TV when there is so much fun to be had? People who do the recommended amount of exercise each week live longer and are happier and healthier than those who don’t. So what are you waiting for?

Jump for joy!

Isn’t it great fun to be active? To be up and about and running around with your friends, riding your bike or taking your scooter to the skate park. Swimming, dancing, football, roller skating, playing hide and seek or tag, building a den or playing rugby or gymnastics… there are endless ways to be fit and active!

It’s good to mix up the type of activity you are doing – this makes sure you are helping your heart, your muscles and your bones all grow healthy and strong.

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Did You Know?
Nurse holding image School-aged children need to be doing an hour's activity every day.

On your marks, get set, go!

Why don’t you get your Parent/Carer involved – grownups need to be active too! They need to do 150 minutes of activity a week to stay healthy.

For loads of great tips and ideas on how to be active together, why not visit Change4Life?

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Activity Zakk Why not see how many activities you can list in a minute, and then see how many of them you can do in a week?
Riddle me this!
Regular exercise helps your muscles, bones and what other part of the body grow healthy and strong?
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quiz girl right
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When you are active, you need to be getting your heart rate up and getting out of breath. You should have enough breath left to be able to talk, but not to sing a song.
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