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My eyesight

Everyone’s eyesight is different, you might know some people who wear glasses or contact lenses and others who don’t need them at all.

People with eyesight problems can get help by speaking to an optician, who might give them glasses or contact lenses to wear.

Wearing glasses is really common and is nothing to worry about.

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Activity Zakk Eyesight is really important in our daily lives, take a look around you now and see how many colours you can notice around you.

Do I need glasses?

Not all people will need glasses, the only way to find this out is to have an eye test from an optician. It’s recommended that you have an eye test every two years, even if you think your eyes are ok.

You might also need an eye test if:

  • You have lots of headaches or find it difficult to focus when looking at something
  • You need to hold things close to your face or far away in order to read something, such as a book
  • You feel like you have to rub your eyes a lot
  • You need to sit close to the TV to be able to see it

If you have any of those problems from time to time, speak to your parent or carer who can take you for an eye test. Eye tests are free for all children under 16.

You’ve probably already had a few eye tests before, but you might not remember all of the tests.

Your most recent check might have been when you started school, but not all school’s give eye tests at this stage.

Just because one eye test was fine, it doesn’t mean that eye problems can’t happen in the future. So speak to an adult if you think you might need one.

Riddle me this!

An optician is someone who
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An optician is someone who looks after your eyes.
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