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Top tips for being healthy

Our health is really important, and there are small choices we can make every day to make sure we look after our health. Eating well, exercising, keeping clean and getting enough sleep will make us feel healthy and happy.

Watch this video about Dylan and Mia and see if you can spot who is making the healthiest choices.

Here are some top tips to keep your body healthy:

  • Start your day by brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, make sure you brush all of your teeth (even the ones at the back).
  • Have a healthy breakfast before you go to school, this will make sure you have energy for the day and help you to concentrate too.
  • Lunches should be healthy as well, so make sure you don’t leave any healthy things in your lunchbox. Healthy foods give you the energy to play with your friends and stay active. Why not have a go at creating your own healthy lunchbox here (link to game).
  • Drink plenty of water during the day to stay hydrated.
  • In the evening, you should eat a balanced dinner with lots of vegetables
  • Don’t look at screens such as tablets or phones before bed. These will trick your brain and keep it awake, making it harder to fall asleep.
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth for another 2 minutes before bedtime!
Small choices we make every day can make sure we look after our health.
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