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Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour

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Most of the time our children are well behaved however they all have moments when they become angry, perhaps shout or kick or hit. Parents/carers can feel helpless or upset or too blame when their child does not behave well. These feelings and thoughts might get in the way of asking for help. However, It is important to seek support and advice as soon as you can. This way, help can be put in place for your child and the rest of the family. Read on and we can tell you more about what support is available and how to access the support.

Who are School Nurses?

School Nurses are qualified nurses who have additional training in child and young peoples health and wellbeing.  Staff Nurses and Nursery nurses (NNEB’s) are also part of our team and are trained in child health and development. We are are on hand to help you with any support that you need with your child’s health and development.


What can the School Nursing offer?

We won’t judge you, many of us are parents and have experienced our own challenging times.


Call or text us.

We are able to offer advice, support and reassurance on the telephone or by a text messaging services. You can call us on 01922 423349 or text on 07520 634 909. You can send us a text anonymously and we will still give you the same level of advice and support.


Join a workshop.

We run a workshop called ‘understanding your child’s behaviour’.  The sessions lasts about 60-90 minutes and is a good introduction to the topic. You can find out more about why children can misbehave and gain helpful tips to try at home. Many parents/carers find that our workshops are all the support they need and tell us that:

  • ‘they tried the strategies that we shared and saw an improvement in their relationship with their child and their child’s behaviour’.
  • ‘found the workshops are useful’ and ‘they felt more confident and felt reassured to join one of our parenting groups’.


Come to one of our groups

Whether or not you have been on a workshops you might want to take part in one of our parenting groups. Parents/carers tell us that they

  • ‘really enjoyed the group’,
  • ‘found the staff really helpful and kind’,
  • ‘benefited from meeting other parents/carers who were experiencing similar problems’
  • ‘took away  lots of helpful tips and ideas’.


Which group is best for me?

We run different types of parenting courses throughout the year.


Triple P

This programme is delivered over 5 sessions followed by 3 phone calls with one of NNEB’s who will help you put the strategies in place at home.


Understanding your child’s behaviour

Understanding you child’s behaviour is delivered over 10 sessions.You will find out about your child’s brain development and how it affects behaviour. You will understand more about why your child behaves a certain way when they are angry, having a temper tantrum or trouble sleeping. You will also learn the importance of playing for your child’s development.


Cygnet Programme

The Cygnet programme is for parents/carers of children who have been diagnosed with Autism. It helps further understand your child’s perspective and view on the world. You will develop a practical toolkit that can be beneficial to you, your child and the whole family.


How do you access our workshops and groups?

It is really simple. You do not need a referral from your child’s school or GP or any other professional. Instead you can just call or text us. If you want to find out more call us on 01922 423349 or text us on 07520 634 909. We are happy to talk to you about whether a workshop or group is the right support for you. Then if you wish to join a session we can book you a place.

Our workshops and groups are delivered between Monday to Friday 9am and 5pm. However, we know that sometimes due to work commitments that parents/carers can find it tricky to attend. So, we also offer virtual webinars. Why not listen in your own time to our ‘understanding your child’s behaviour’ workshop. Click here to listen to one of our NNEB’s talking about children’s behaviour.


What if I need more help than a workshop or a group?


We want to try and offer you and your child find the type of support that best meets their needs.

Some parents/carers might have been having difficulty in managing their child’s behaviour over many months or years. Other professionals such as  school staff, education staff or social care staff may have offered advice & support. We understand when parents/carers tell us that they are frustrated when they can not seem to find the help they need.

We know that some children will require further assessment and support from more specialist services such as community paediatricians or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Because we work as part of a wider team with these professionals then we can arrange for referrals to these services when it is appropriate. We still recommend that parents attend a parenting group whilst waiting for an appointment. There is a lot of evidence that when strategies are implemented consistently and over a period of time then some change is seen in a child’s behaviour.