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Information about health reviews

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We offer health reviews when a child is referred to the service. These will be carried out by a nurse and usually in a clinic setting or school.

The nurse will try and help with the concerns that the parent/carer/children/young person has about their health and wellbeing. During the health review the parent/carer/child/young person will be asked about the current problems that are a concern, a full health and development history will be taken, information about the family discussed, finding on what is going well for the child/young person and what help is needed.

It is really important that the nurse listens to both the child/young person’s views and the parents/carers views. Therefore the nurse will offer an opportunity to speak with the parent/carer without their child present and also there will be an opportunity for the child or young person to speak with the nurse on their own.

At the end of the health review the parent/child will agree a plan of care and a letter will be sent to the parent to confirm what was discussed and agreed. The nurse will ask permission to share this letter with the family GP and also to discuss if any other professionals will benefit from knowing the outcome of the health review. For example, sometimes it is helpful for the school to know appropriate information to ensure that the child receives the correct support whilst in school.

The nurse will only share information if a parent/child consents to the information being shared. (The only exception is that the nurse has a statutory duty to share information with Children’s Services if a child is considered to be a risk from harm. If this is the case then the nurse will discuss those concerns with the parent).

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