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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

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  • Author: simerdeepjapra

More and more learning and play is online, but you need to keep your child safe when the internet and technology is developing at such a continued fast pace.

Here are some points to follow to help keep your child safe online:

Set up parental controls

Parental controls can be used to block harmful or upsetting content for children and are really easy to set up.   For more information, visit the NSPCC  website.

Control your search engine

Search engines have controls that you can set up to limit what will be retrieved when they search.  Activate and lock the safe search settings on the sites that they use.

Protect your device

Every device they have access to should be protected. Controls should be installed on every device your child uses – this includes their games consoles.

Safety measures

Activate the safety measures offered by different sites – make it your responsibility to pro-actively do this.

Pop ups!

Block pop-ups as this will help control what adverts they see.

Do your research

Find good sites and agree as a family that your child can access these.  Make sure you continually review these and check the content your children are seeing.

Manage their use and access

Talk to your children about safely using the internet, be open with them and encourage them to speak to you if they have concerns. Remember, not everyone is who they say they are online.

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