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Trick Or Treat?

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  • Author: gilliangillies

This Halloween will you be Trick-or-Treating?


Halloween has been celebrated for years for children and adults in many countries.  Children dress up in costumes, have family parties or meet with friends asking for treats with the phrase “Trick or treat?”  The “treat is usually some form of sweet”.

Why not treat yourself, your friends and family by making some lovely fruit and vegetable treats? This will ensure that you are looking after your teeth and your health. Make a lovely tea-time treat by using creative ideas with food and other craft making splendours.

Please see attached for fruity treat ideas for you and your family.

Happy Halloween!

Remember to be safe if going outside this Halloween with a responsible adult

in the evening especially if it is dark……………

And finally : What is a ghost’s favourite dessert? Boo-berries and I Scream!