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Let’s learn about autism

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Do you know what autism is? Autism Acceptance week (27th March – 2nd April) this year is looking at how you can improve your understanding and acceptance of autistic children, young people, and adults.


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What is neurodiversity?


  • Neurodiversity is about recognising that everyone’s brain works differently
  • Differences in the way our brains work means that we have different strengths and different difficulties
  • Some of these differences have been given names or labels
  • Examples are autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and Tourette’s

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What is autism?


  • Autism means that someone’s brain works a little differently
  • You can’t see if someone is autistic- It is an invisible condition
  • Each autistic person is different
  • Autistic people have different strengths and need help with different things

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Watch Amazing Things Happen by Alexander Amelines, What is autism by Ambitions about Autism Youth patrons and listen to Bella’s poem to find out more.


What can you do to help?


Hear autistic young people share their lived experience to understand what helps them in school.


We all learn in different ways, like and dislike different things, and respond differently to things such as noise, smells and temperature. Understanding your own and other people’s needs and strengths helps you to recognise the different skills you all bring and to adapt and be inclusive of others. Things to think about (for you and your child) include:

  • what people appreciate about me
  • my hobbies and interests
  • my skills and strengths
  • how to support me


You can help raise awareness by taking part in this year’s fundraising activities. The theme for 2023 is colour, and the National Autistic Society has a new virtual challenge, the Spectrum Colour Challenge and lots of ideas to get your fundraising off to a colourful start.


You can find further information in the National Autistic Society website, Autism Education Trust and Children and Families Health Devon which includes information, guidance, and training to support autistic children and young people at home and at school such as the good practice principles and themes shown below. You may also find the inclusion promises outlined in this framework helpful to discuss with anyone working with you and your child.


Autism myths and stereotypes Quiz


To support Autism Acceptance week (27th March – 2nd April) the Autism Education Trust and National Autistic Society have created a quiz to test your knowledge and bust some myths.  Take the quiz to test your understanding.




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