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Keeping you up to date with the school aged vaccination programme and the next vaccinations that your child will be due (from year 8)

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Which vaccinations should my teenager have and when?


Vaccinations are offered to all young people in school by the Cornwall and Devon School Aged Immunisation Team in line with the National Schedule. They will visit schools in Devon to deliver the following:


Year 8

  • Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Dose 1 – The vaccination is offered to both boys and girls and is currently a 2 dose course, with the second dose given between 6 and 24 months after the first. Further information about HPV and how it protects against certain cancers and other conditions can be found at:


Year 9



You will receive an email via your child’s school to inform you when the session will be taking place, and will be asked to complete an electronic consent form using a link provided.


There is a deadline for all responses to then allow the team to safely review each consent, contact parents if required, and prepare for the session in advance.  To ensure your response can be registered you need to respond by the deadline.


If you do not wish your child to receive a vaccination, you can decline by accessing the consent form via the link: complete child and parent details and tick the ‘No’ box when asked if you consent.  The Cornwall and Devon School Aged Immunisation Team records can then be updated to reflect your decision.


If your child misses their vaccination in school the team will let you know.  The team may return to the school on a later date, and will offer the vaccination then.  Otherwise you can contact the team via


If you child is particularly anxious, you can let the team know on the consent form.  They can be offered an appointment at the start of the day when the session is quieter, and the nurses will ensure your child is fully supported.  Vaccination is only given when a child has a valid consent and agrees to have it at the session.  The nurses are skilled in working with young people, and work with them to support their needs.


On the day of the session it is helpful if your child wears a loose fitting top, or has a T-shirt or vest top under their school shirt.  This enables the upper arm to be revealed easily and ensures the vaccination can be delivered quickly and with dignity.


Full information about the vaccinations are available on the links above, and also via the consent form.  Please ensure you have shared this with your child so that they are aware of why they are having the vaccination and know that it will be offered in school.


Wherever possible we would want to immunise in the school setting, but if this would be a barrier to accessing vaccination, or if your child is home educated, then please contact our team on 01392 342678 or to arrange vaccination.