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Parental Conflict – Free programmes

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Most of us have disagreements about things in our relationships – whether it's putting the washing in the basket and not on the floor, spending too much time on the phone, or what to watch on TV, having a difference of opinion is normal.

Not all conflict is damaging, but if those disagreements are frequent, prolonged, not resolved and not dealt with and lead to continual arguing, it can all have a negative impact on children.

Happy Families, Happy Futures offer free programmes which are aimed at supporting parents, both together and separated, to create more positive environments for kids.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows that children who witness adults shouting, arguing, ignoring each other frequently or for long periods of time, can negatively impact on their self-esteem, mental and physical health, behaviour, academic achievements, and relationships with others.


Conflict in relationships can occur in all types of families: between biological parents, step-parents, foster and adoptive parents, parents and grandparents and separated and divorced parents to name just a few.


Happy Families, Happy Futures Devon can help

Happy Families, Happy Futures are offering FREE programmes which are aimed at supporting parents, both together and separated, to reduce parental conflict, develop positive communication and problem-solving skills, to manage emotions and create more positive environments for their children.

Family Transitions Triple P

Advice and guidance to support co-parenting and to deflect the pressure of divorce or separation away from children.

Within My Reach

Help to understand and develop healthy relationships and the positive impact this can have on children

Please click on the Happy Families Happy Futures Referral Form to request support. Once received, someone will contact you for an initial conversation to make sure it is the right programme for you. Please ensure you have consent for the referral. Information around consent can be found at the bottom of the Parental Relationships page, which is on the Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership (Devon SCP) website.


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