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‘Autism and Us’ Parent Programme and autism themed workshops (Summer Term 2024)

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Support for parents/carers of Devon primary and secondary children who are either on the autism assessment waiting list or who have received a diagnosis of autism.

Support from the Communication and Interaction Team – Education and Families (

Our ‘Autism & Us’ programme delivered this academic year will once again be offered during the forthcoming Summer term of the new 2023-24 academic year for parents/carers of Devon primary and secondary school children, pre or post diagnosis.

We are delighted to announce that we are offering access for families of CYP (Children & Young People) who are currently on the autism assessment pathway, in addition to families of CYP who have received an autism diagnosis.

Attending the ‘Autism & Us’ parent programme gives you an opportunity to develop your understanding of autism and look at practical solutions to managing and supporting your child’s presenting needs, whilst also connecting with other parents/carers.

Full programme details and application process below:


Autism & Us programmes:


4 weekly ‘live online’ sessions (approx. 2hrs each) related to the following topic/themes:

No. Topic Programme 1 Programme 2
1 Autism overview


Tues 23 Apr
10am – 12pm
Thurs 13 Jun

4.30pm – 6.30pm

2 Sensory


Tues 30 Apr
10am – 12pm
Thurs 20 Jun
4.30pm – 6.30pm
3 Communication Tues 7 May
10am – 12pm
Thurs 27 Jun
4.30pm – 6.30pm
4 Understanding and supporting behaviour Tues 14 May
10am – 12pm
Thurs 4 Jul
4.30pm – 6.30pm


Apply direct by email to:

To secure a place on the above programmes, or express your interest for forthcoming programmes.  We will confirm your booking request, and provide you with a direct link to the event. They will be delivered on line ‘live’ via the Microsoft TEAMs platform.


Additionally we will also be offering the following very popular themed/topic based workshops, which lead on from the above programmes for themes/topics that may be a priority area for you against your child’s presenting needs:

Topic Date/Time
DIAS (Devon Information & Advice Service) + PCFD (Parent Carer Forum Devon) Wed 22 May

10am – 12pm

Autism – Sensory processing + integration Thurs 16 May

9.30am – 12:30pm

Autism and Girls Wed 5 Jun

9.30am – 12pm

Autism – Demand avoidance + PDA Thurs 13 Jun

10am – 12pm

Autism – Communication (Speaking children – support strategies) Mon 1 Jul

10am – 12pm

Autism – Managing stress + anxiety Wed 10 Jul
1pm – 3pm
Autism – Vulnerability + online safety Wed 19 Jun
10am – 12pm
Autism – Communication (Non/Limited Speaking children – support strategies Thurs 27 Jun
10am – 12pm


Apply direct by email to:

To secure a place on any of the above topic based workshops. We will confirm your booking request, and provide you with a direct link to the event. They will be delivered on line ‘live’ via the Microsoft TEAMs platform.


Topic  workshop overviews:

Autism & Communication (Supporting strategies for verbal children and young people)

This workshop explores communication strengths and differences and how these may impact on daily life for verbal child and young people and families. It will support in exploring strategies to support child and young people around the following areas: how adult use of language can support and provide structure, self-advocating through communication, how visuals can support communication and sharing communication needs with the wider family/support network.


Autism & Communication (Supporting strategies for Pre and Non-verbal children and young people)

This workshop will consider both language and communication and what is meant by a Total Communication approach. We will also consider practical strategies to support pre and non-verbal children and young people communicate through a focus on means, reasons and opportunity.


Please note, this workshop is not appropriate for supporting children who are experiencing situational mutism.


Autism & Girls

This workshop seeks to explore the background of the diagnosis of autism in girls and why historically the female / male ratio has been significantly lower. We explore the key characteristics of girls with autism including areas such as possible masking, communication, social understanding and associated vulnerability. Subsequently we seek to highlight key approaches / strategies which aim to help to support autistic girls within the home / family context.


Autism & Demand Avoidance

This workshop seeks to explore the key characteristics of the extreme demand avoidance profile while outlining the diagnostic background and how this fits into the strengths and needs of autistic children and young people. Subsequently it explores the characteristics of this profile and how it may manifest through a child’s behaviour. A range of strategies / approaches are highlighted with the aim of supporting children and young people in the home with an emphasis on an individualised approach which allows for the prioritising of goals to support family life.


Autism & Anxiety

This workshop will explore our understanding of anxiety and how autistic children and young people may experience and express their own anxiety. The workshop will also consider and provide how we can support and reduce their anxiety within the home / family context through a range of approaches and strategies.


Autism & Vulnerability

This workshop will explore some of the vulnerabilities that ALL CYP may experience growing up. But this workshop will specifically shine a lens on how an autistic CYP profile may lead them to respond in different ways through their own developmental journeys. A range of approaches, strategies and supportive links will also be offered to support family life.


Autism & Sensory Processing + Integration

This workshop will explore the 8 senses, sensory integration and how this may affect how autistic children and young people respond to the environment and sensations they are feeling. It aims to raise awareness of sensory processing differences that may impact on an autistic person’s life and provide a range of approaches and strategies to support through sensory regulation approaches within the home / family context.


Devon Information and Advice Service (DIAS) + Parent Carer Forum Devon (PCFD)

This workshop will introduce DIAS; who we are and what we do. We will look at how you and your child or young person can engage with the decisions that impact you, including how to get best out of conversations and meetings about your child’s support, how to share your views and those of your child, and understanding your options and legal rights. We will take you through our information and resources that may be relevant for you and your child or young person, and talk through how and when it might be most helpful to link with our service. You will also be able to find out more about Parent Carer Forum Devon, how we work and how you can get involved.


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