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Parent+ Support Hub in Exeter

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Supporting families who are living with mental health issues (Parental Minds CIC)

Do you have a question about family mental health?

Not sure where/who to turn to for mental health support?


Parental Minds CIC gives support to families who are struggling with their mental health. We believe that the parental voice is vital when families are living with mental health issues; this under pins all of the work we do.


What we offer

We are able to provide face to face support to those living in Exeter and East Devon and virtual support to families outside of this area.


We offer 1:1 calls, messaging, coaching and counselling and we connect families with a range of organisations and services that are recommended by professionals or by those with lived experience. We also facilitate small virtual peer support groups for members who are experiencing similar challenges and run monthly online skills workshops where we discuss subjects such as self-care, releasing emotions, river of tolerance and many more.


Through our Parent+ Support Hubs, we provide support and information, allowing caregivers to grow in strength and knowledge. We are passionate about empowering individuals to be curious about the services they use and equipping them with the tools to meet their families’ needs.


What other families have told us:


How to contact us:

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