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When things get difficult or worrying, we can sometimes feel strange, tired, upset or shaky.

You might be worried about something like a test at school, or you might not know why you feel worried. But that’s okay, it’s normal. Even adults feel stress and worry from time to time!

There are lots of different feelings we can have when upset, it’s not usually nice.

Whenever you feel like this, there is something you can do to help. It’s called mindfulness, which is another word for noticing everything around you. Like sights, smells, noises and the things we are touching.

Next time you feel worried or upset, take a few deep breaths and see if you can notice a few things you can smell, touch, hear and see around you.

You can check out our article on worries for more tips.

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Mindfulness is another word for noticing everything around you
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