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Tips for supporting a stammering child

Parents reading with child
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  • Author: oliverkyle

Learning to speak smoothly takes time and practice. If you child has a stammer, there are some easy things you can do to support them:

  • Try to stay calm and relaxed- this will help your child see that they do not need to hide their difficulties
  • Try to avoid asking lots of questions – instead try talking about what you and your child are doing. Make comments about what’s happening and leave a pause for your child to answer if they want to. This reduces the pressure on your child to have to respond quickly
  • Talk slowly and calmly to your child – children learn from their parents, and this will help them realise that they do not need to rush when they talk
  • Look at your child when you are talking to them, get down to their eye level. That way they will know that you are listening to them and, more importantly, that you are interested in what they are saying
  • Increase their confidence by being positive about their talking
  • Accept what your child is saying by repeating it back to them saying it correctly
  • Spend time with your child reading a book without the TV on or other distractions in the background
  • Allow them plenty of time to talk. Try not to finish off their sentences or interrupt them

If you and your child would like more support, contact your GP or public health nurse to discuss a referral to a speech and language therapy team.

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