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Respiratory illnesses in children

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Find out more about Strep A, RSV and child flu.

Parents and carers living in Nottinghamshire are being offered advice about respiratory illnesses in babies and children.

Group A Streptococcus (GAS) – also known as Strep A – is the name given to a type of bacteria sometimes found in the throat or on the skin, it can cause mild illness such as a sore throat.

GAS can also cause scarlet fever or skin infections such as cellulitis or impetigo. But most people carry the bacteria harmlessly and don’t develop an illness.

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RSV is a very common virus and almost all children are infected with it by the time they’re two years old.

In older children and adults, RSV may cause a cough or cold, which is usually mild, but in young children it can cause a condition which only affects young children called bronchiolitis.

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Influenza, or ‘the flu’, is a highly infectious viral illness with symptoms that develop quickly and last several days.

These can include a fever (body temperature of over 38 degrees celcius) or chills; a headache; joint and muscle pains; extreme tiredness; a dry cough; a sore throat; having trouble sleeping; lack of appetite; feeling or being sick.

Flu can usually be treated at home, speak to a pharmacist for treatment advice and information on flu remedies.

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