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My child will only poo in a nappy

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It's common for younger children to like to use their nappy. After all, it's been what they've been used to since birth.

However, some children find it difficult to get out of this routine and will only poo in their nappy.

Holding on to poo can cause constipation, so it’s better for your child to poo in a nappy than not at all, but there are some thing you can do to help them feel confident pooing in the toilet. Remember, consistency and patience are very important.

  • Encourage nappy changing in the toilet area
  • Teach your child to wipe their bottom at this stage and to empty the poo into the toilet, flush away and wash their hands
  • Progress to sitting your child on the toilet still in their nappy with the lid down and their feet on a step. After a while, get them to sit on the toilet with the lid up – using a training seat to help them feel more secure. From here, the nappy can be loosened gradually until it can be removed altogether
  • Toilet paper can be put in the toilet before a poo to help reduce noise/splash if this is upsetting your child
  • Stickers are great for rewarding each stage of progress.

Try not to imply that poo is dirty or wrong. This can lead to withholding behaviour and constipation.

Show you are pleased that poo has come out, and if it has come out in the wrong place, like onto the floor or in their nappy, be clear that you don’t mind about them having a poo, just that it should be in the toilet.

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