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Emotional health and well being

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Helping children and young people enjoy good emotional health and wellbeing is really important.

School Nurses contribute, alongside other services to support schools, children and parents to promote strategies to build confidence, self-esteem and positive emotional health and well-being.

For children building resilience is important because it provides the ability to ‘bounce back’ and do well against the odds and allows them to cope and recover.

How to help your child build resilience and confidence:

  • Help your child focus on their individual strengths.
  • Help them to develop positive thinking.
  • Empower your child to make decisions. Being careful that your desire to protect them doesn’t mistakenly send a message that you don’t think he or she is competent to handle things.
  • Praise your child about their achievements and recognise even the small things to focus on the best in your child.
  • Try not to push your child into taking on more than he or she can realistically handle.
  • Creating opportunities for your child to contribute in some specific way.
  • As a parent try to model positive coping strategies to allow your child to develop positive coping strategies.

Most importantly children need to know that there is an adult in their life who believes in them and loves them unconditionally!