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Healthy Eating!

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  • Author: amyr

What is health eating?

A healthy diet is made from a variety of different food and drinks. A variety of food is needed in the diet because different food contains different substances that are needed for health. These are nutrients, water and fibre. The nutrients provided by the diet are released through the process of digestion.

Being active is also important for health, making the body fitter and stronger.


Are you worried about trying new foods?

Have you ever tried the Power Food Wiggle? Next time your grown-ups would like you to try something new, why don’t you all give it a go!

  • Look – What does it look like? Try and use your best describing words
  • Touch – What does it feel like?
  • Smell – Sniff it, snuffle it…is it sweet, salty? Does it remind you of something else you like?
  • Kiss – Go on, give it a great big KISS or if you’re feeling nervous just a little touch on the lip
  • Taste – Wow….that’s amazing…you’ve nearly done the POWER FOOD WIGGLE! How about a little taste?

Incredible…well done for trying a new food. Was it that bad? Do you feel proud of yourself? You should, it can be scary to try new things, but sometimes it isn’t as bad as we first thought.