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How to use the School Screener Parent Portal

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Parents and Carers of children in Year R and Year 6 are asked to register with the School Screener Parent Portal.

The School Screener Parent Portal will allow you to find out more about the Vision Screening and NCMP programme and healthy lifestyle resources in Buckinghamshire. By doing so, you will have access to your child’s measurements. These will be available on the Parent Portal unless you have opted out. Your child is not told the results.

Each year in England, school children in Reception and Year 6 routinely have their height and weight checked at school as part of the National Childhood Measurement Programme. The measurements will be stored in your child’s Bucks Healthcare NHS record. The measurements are carried out by our trained team of School Health Assistants, in a space away from other pupils. The emotional impact of the NCMP has been researched and studies show that body image, self-esteem, weight-related teasing and restrictive eating behaviours do not change as a result of being measured or receiving feedback.

Parents/Carers must opt out of the NCMP by registering with the Parent Portal. If you do not register with the parent portal, your child may still be screened. Follow the portal instructions clearly and click SUBMIT at least 48 hours before our visit.

Schools will gradually send letters out to all parent/carers in the specific age groups. There will be a unique link for your child’s school.

Contact details
School Nursing – if you have any further queries or more details about the NCMP and do not wish to use the portal
Parent Portal – if you have any further queries about the portal or issues logging into it.

There is more detailed information on the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust website regarding how the data is processed, or on the NHS national child measurement programme webpage for more information about the programme.